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How Healthy Is Your Business?  

Looking for your new accountant?


Mrs, Hagar Lipa

Director, Principal Accountant

We understand exactly why you want a new accountant for your business, because every week we hear the stories from new clients joining us at the Lynden Group.  And it’s not because their previous accountant didn’t know the tax and financial technicalities.


It’s because they want an accountant that cares enough about them to prioritise their work. 


It’s because they want an accountant that understands their business.


It’s because they want an accountant that can make the chaos of tax and financial management seem easy and communicate what needs to be done in simple understandable language.


Most importantly they want an accountant who will respond quickly to their enquiries and proactively watch their back.  Especially now during the rapidly changing COVID Crisis.


If this is what you want from an accountant, then please reach out to us now.  Especially if you have an emergency issue to resolve.


All the best

Hagar Lipa

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We measure Our Success if our clients are telling the following about our service:

"My focus is on my patients as a first priority... I am passionate about improving their health.

I expect the same approach from my accountant when it comes to financial matters. This is why I work closely with Hagar and her team "

Smiling medical team

Single Engagement - Comprehensive Service Coverage!


Make taxation laws and waivers work for you! Tax strategy, planning, preparation and lodgement.


Are you personal wealth goals on track to be achieved?

SMSF advisory and compliance.


How Secure Are you?

Is Technology Enabling You?

Cyber Security and Technology plan and management


What is your "Victory Image" of your business? are your financials aligned to this goal? Strategy planning and action plan.


Optimising your back end operations expenses.

Payroll, Bookkeeping & Admin


Who's Money are you leveraging?

Financing solutions and debt management.



There is no better way to experience how Lynden Group Melbourne accountants can help grow your business and financial success than booking a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

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