Protecting Your Financials (Cyber Risk)

Business Advisory Services - Helping You Mitigate Cyber Risks

It’s important to protect your business from cyberattacks, but the truth is, some business owners aren’t quite sure how.

As a small business, you may hold sensitive personal information about your customers and staff. Such information is lucrative to cybercriminals looking to steal or lock access to this information.

With our Lynden Cyber Shield program, we are here to help you thrive in these uncharted waters.

Stop Malware!, Block Ransomware!, Avoid Fraudulent Money Transfer!, Stop Data Theft! 

Lynden Shield Program is an annual program which is based on

  - Security Technology we deploy for you!

  - Ongoing support and monitoring!

  - Your first point of contact in an incident or when questions come up

  - Training of your staff

  - Compliance advise 

  - Cyber Insurance Referral

Lynden Cyber Shield is designed to protect small businesses:

- Protect against identity theft

- Protect against malicious scams over emails targeting your credentials and money transfers

- Protect against malicious ransomware attacks looking to hold your data as a ransom

- Protect against loss of digital data and disruption to your systems

- Mitigating Risk through various controls