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As an Israeli company, are you interested in expanding your business in Australia?

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Here's how..

Over the years, Australia has been an increasingly popular destination for Israeli companies looking to expand their market or raise capital.

Israel's limited population means the country's businesses must focus on expanding internationally. Those that are contemplating an expansion into Australia are keeping a careful eye on the headlines in an effort to time their move perfectly.

Smart players know that the fundamentals are very strong and that it makes financial sense for a company to focus on a "lucky country" as part of its plans to grow.

Here are some underlying factors that have always made Australia a desirable location for Israeli businesses are as relevant now as they were then.

#1. Australia provides a Western-style society that is both stable and predictable, as well as long-term economic prosperity.

#2 Israeli businesses who are considering relocating to Australia can receive substantial grant financing from the federal and state governments of Australia.

#3 An Australian base offers easy access to the vast Asian market.

Get in touch if you own an Israeli company and are interested in learning more about doing business in Australia.

We have an office in Australia, Vietnam and Israel, so we can e-meet with you anytime it is convenient for you.

We will also be visiting Israel by the end of the month so we can meet in person during hours and days that are convenient for you.

Reach out to us for more information!

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