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Lynden is the old English word of “linden” which is known as kind of the lime tree that has heart-shaped leaves and a winglike bract attached to the peduncle of the flower and fruit. Lynden tree can live for centuries with its great recovery potential and its large spreading root system keeps the tree grow stronger and be not sensitive to the wind. In the spring, the sublime Lynden tree blooms with the glossy green leaves and yellow flowers to demonstrate its sense of motherhood. With several positive aspects (healing and protective trees), therefore, Lynden is the symbol of love, friendship, peace, care and luck, and becomes the source of literary inspiration.

Lynden Group Melbourne aims to represent as the root for our client’s development. The tree cannot stand without the root, same as the company cannot grow without a good accounting and finance management. 


An Holistic Approach To Growth

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We are committed to deliver high-quality service and drive innovation in business solutions for our clients.

Through yearly engagement plans or consume as needed engagements, we provide a holistic set of solutions and services to our customers.

Our portfolio of expert advise is in the domains of Accounting, Taxation, Compliance, Lending and Cyber Security to SMB via our Lynden Cyber Shield Program - Developed to help you protect your financial assets we advise on.

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