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Cyber Security for Small Businesses

We work to help you built a resilient business laid on solid and strong financial foundations – business financials are now completely digitised which become an easy target for cybercriminals. In 2020 we launched our value add offering – Lynden Cyber Shield.

Cyber security is all about protecting your information and your business from being compromised while online. If you use the internet on any device, you’re at risk of a cyber-attack. This could be from loss or corruption by bad practice, or from hackers who steal, trick or ransom businesses out of their money. The problem is that over a third of small businesses don’t take proactive measures to protect against cyber-attacks, and most are happy that their anti-virus software will do the trick.

All businesses with a turnover greater than $3 million that have a significant data breach are required to inform all concerned parties and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. If there is unauthorised access, disclosure or loss of personal information that could be seriously compromising to the person or people it relates to, you must report it.

It’s important to protect your business from cyberattacks, but the truth is, some business owners aren’t quite sure how.

With our Lynden Cyber Shield program, we are here to help you thrive in these uncharted waters.


As a small business, you may hold sensitive personal information about your customers and staff. Such information is lucrative to cybercriminals looking to steal or lock access to this information.

Our Cyber Security review is designed to provide you with a quick understanding of your security posture and what’s needed to protect your critical data. It helps you answer 2 critical questions:

  • What should my priorities be based on my current risk profile, business needs, and the systems, assets, and data that I need to protect? This covers identifying key security program elements and scoring your program based on the business context, asset management, compliance and regulatory requirements, security policies, data storage and procedures.

  • What controls and safeguards should I have in place to protect my critical data and ensure the delivery of critical infrastructure services? This covers an audit of universal controls including Policies and Technology.

What is our Lynden Cyber Shield including?

  • Ongoing assistance with understanding cybersecurity risks and threats – we act as your trusted advisor for questions and clarifications.

  • Access to our resources centre and pre-prepared documents including incident response, audit, training etc…

  • Cyber security software and products.

  • Managed security operations based on cloud security platform allowing us to offer your business Protection Software around Endpoint (PC, Server, Laptop, Mobile ) protection, Secure internet, Secured Emails, Encryption, Backup, Websites

Our services are discrete, professional and personal – we keep your digital secrets safe.

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