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Lynden Group Melbourne - COVID 19 Business Continuity

We are truly living in unique times. The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone from our families, to our businesses, to our first responders who are bravely on the front lines. As the situation continues to affect our world, my team and I wanted to reach out and update you on how we’re supporting our employees, our community and you—our customers and partners.

Supporting Our Employees and Temporary Staff Locally and Overseas.

We look after our clients and we take care of our people - following the federal and state government instructions we have taken actions to reduce the risks. At this stage all our staff is working and available from a safe location. We’ll continue to make sure our workforce is supported as this crisis evolves.

Supporting You – Our Customer 

We know that, for many customers, this time has meant even more disruption to their businesses, with extreme swings in customer demand and stress on certain aspects of their business.

  • Tax Advise – The government has launched an aid package to help mitigate the losses. Customers who have an existing engagement package with us will get all tax advise needed to maximise the benefits for their business. ATO these days is showing empathy with the situation and we are in constant communication as a premier tax practitioner.

  • Finance – While the government stimulus package will be of help, clients who is looking at new financing methods to inject cash or consolidate debts our advisor Mashee is available to assist on 0428 856 388

  • Tech Risk and Cyber Security – With the recent events we didn’t have the time to share with our clients our newly formed Lynden Cyber Shield program - We are helping now our clients to protect against cyber scams and breaches. COVID19 forced people moving to work remotely and reliance on new systems. Scammers are targeting small businesses (details of the increased risk can be found here) Questions or concerns you might have around business risk from cyber please feel free to contact us at ( we will to get back to you within a day, by phone or email).

  • Debts, Centrelink, Banks – The big banks, Centre Link and any major player in the concession or loan industry is showing these days empathy with the situation. We recommend you contact your bank (and Centrelink if relevant) to discuss holding payments / postponing payments on your loans and debt. Do not wait as it will save you money.

  • Personal Financial Stress– If you feel lost, if you find it hard to navigate these storm water and cant figure out actionable moving forward plan – please phone me (Hagar) and I will use my experience to try and help you overcome these challenging times.

These days we have to demonstrate resilience and set an example. 

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