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Maximising Cybersecurity Preparedness: The Advantages of Digitised Tabletop Exercises for Australian

As a CFO, business owner, or director of an Australian company, ensuring the readiness of your organisation to respond to a cyber incident is critical.

Conducting a cyber incident response tabletop exercise aligned to ACSC "Exercise in a Box" and using a digitised platform offers several benefits compared to traditional methods of PowerPoint presentations.

One advantage is the ability to simulate a more realistic and immersive scenario, incorporating real-time data and interactive elements such as video and audio to enhance understanding and effective practice of the response.

With digitised platforms, you can track and analyse progress and response effectiveness in real time, using built-in analytics tools to identify areas for improvement.

The digitised approach also provides greater convenience and flexibility, as exercises can be accessed remotely and at any time, allowing for wider participation from stakeholders. This can result in cost savings as well, eliminating the need for physical materials and allowing for larger participation without incurring additional costs.

In conclusion, digitised tabletop exercises are a cost-effective and convenient way to maximise your cybersecurity preparedness as an Australian company. Utilise the real-time and immersive capabilities to identify strengths and weaknesses in your response plan and effectively prepare for any future incidents.

Lynden Group Advisors can help Australian companies by providing expert guidance and support in the implementation of digitised tabletop simulations for cyber incident response.

Our advisors have extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity and can assist in the creation of realistic, effective, and efficient scenarios for these exercises. With our support, companies can identify areas for improvement, ensure their incident response plans are robust, and better protect themselves against cyber threats.

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