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7 Effective Ways to Better Support Your Clients


Want your name to always be mentioned across your client and their circle of business owners?

The you should start focusing on improving how you support your clients.

Building strong client relationships isn’t just nice to do. It’s smart business.

This not only helps you get more business but also keeps your existing clients happy and loyal. It's better to build strong relationships with the people you already know than constantly searching for new clients.

In today's fast-paced world, it's not easy to maintain long-term client relationships, so when they do happen, they are valuable and appreciated. But don't worry, we have compiled a comprehensive list to help you understand, communicate with, and support your clients better.

Remember, we are dealing with people, not just numbers. To stand out and make a positive impact, we need to adopt a different approach in how we support our customers.


Why you should support all your clients like your life depends on it

You know the saying, "Numbers don't lie." If you work in accounting or bookkeeping, you probably deal with numbers regularly.

The first reason you should provide excellent client support and build real relationships is that it boosts customer retention. When clients feel appreciated and enjoy working with you, they are more likely to stay with your services. This saves you time, energy, and money. Let's look at some figures to understand why client satisfaction is important.

Just a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25% increase in profits. It's essential to keep expenses low and focus on what truly matters, like maintaining existing clients. Loyal customers also help your accounting practice grow, as they may provide testimonials, mention you on social media, or recommend you to others. Brand loyalty can increase the likelihood of them spending money on your services by 300%, and many customers are willing to pay more for excellent service.

Customer service impacts your whole business. Almost all customers consider it when deciding to stay loyal to a brand or explore other options. By providing good customer support, you not only improve customer satisfaction but also turn clients into brand advocates. Many customers share positive experiences with at least six or more people, which can greatly benefit your business.



🟠 1. Understand your clients goals

If you don't know what they want to achieve, you won't be able to provide effective help. Building strong relationships with your clients is essential for a successful strategy. Connect with them on a personal level, ask questions, and listen actively to find out what motivates them and how they want to reach their financial goals. Also, be open to receiving feedback about your services, as your clients are the best source of valuable insights.

Even if you have carefully set up your business, your clients' feedback is invaluable. Actively seek feedback and show appreciation for it, because their perspective matters more than your own when it comes to how your brand or business is perceived. When you prioritize serving people, getting feedback from those you serve is crucial.

Many accountants make the mistake of asking about their clients' goals once and then forgetting about it. Remember that both your business and your clients' businesses evolve over time. Schedule regular check-ins every few months to ensure you are still aligned with their goals. This will save you effort in the long run. If possible, meet with your clients in person for a more pleasant experience and to show genuine interest and support. When clients feel valued and supported, it benefits both their business and yours, leading to increased loyalty and revenue..

🟠 2. Stay ahead of the game.

Stay proactive. Don't assume your clients will always stay updated on the latest tax update changes. They have many responsibilities, and they rely on you, their accountant, for important information. Help them by regularly sending industry news and relevant updates that can be useful for their goals. Being a caring and knowledgeable accountant will make them appreciate you more.

Offering live chat support is an excellent proactive approach. Create a Support channel where clients can ask questions and seek assistance. This shows that you care about their needs right from the beginning. It also allows you to provide updates to all your clients collectively, saving time and effort.

Though it might seem like this could lead to an overwhelming demand for your time, it actually reduces back-and-forth emails for quick queries, as you can address them in real-time through the chat. Being available and responsive leaves a positive impression. Even if you can't respond immediately, acknowledge their message and let them know when to expect a reply. Avoid leaving clients hanging without a response. Setting clear boundaries about your working hours and availability will make communication stress-free.

🟠 3. Establishing limits

Stop feeling guilty! Creating clear communication guidelines benefits both employees and clients. When you clearly state your working hours, clients won't feel guilty for messaging you at specific times. And you won't feel overwhelmed by work-related messages outside of work hours if you set boundaries and take time off when needed.

Additionally, setting boundaries allows your employees to rest and recharge, ensuring they can provide excellent support to clients during their working hours. The great news is that with one dedicated app for client communication, you can keep your work, family, and friends separate. No more work-related messages on weekends, so you can enjoy your personal time without interruptions!

🟠 4. Update your workflow with modern practices.

It's no surprise that forward-thinking accounting and bookkeeping firms are embracing cloud-based software. It offers security, efficiency, affordability, and the convenience of access from anywhere in the world. With automation, you can reduce human errors, making your clients happier.

By modernizing your workflow with intelligent software, you can automate mundane tasks and time-consuming calculations. This not only satisfies your clients by creating a smoother and more effective work process, leading to higher revenue, but also keeps you updated and ready to answer your clients' questions accurately.

It also keeps your clients data protected. Contact us to know more about our offered services

🟠 5. Consistent personalized reports

It's accountancy we’re talking about, so you probably predicted the word report was coming. The question is, how regular are they? If you offer more regular reports, you are not only allowing your clients the time and opportunity to revisit their finances, but it enables you to spot any potential issues straight away so that action can be taken promptly.

Pro tip: When providing reports send them in a way that is easily digestible for the particular client that is on the receiving end. Complex charts and long-winded reports aren’t helpful for business owners that aren’t used to digesting numerical data or who are short on time. Have a template ready but make sure you go the extra mile of personalising it to your clients, because small details like this create a good impression.

In accountancy, you knew we'd mention reports. But the important question is, how often do you share them? Offering more regular reports has benefits. It gives your clients time to review their finances, and it allows you to quickly identify potential issues and take action promptly.

Here's a pro tip: When you provide reports, make sure they are easy for your clients to understand. Avoid using complex charts and lengthy reports, especially for clients who may not be familiar with financial data or have limited time. Have a standard template but personalize it for each client, as this attention to detail leaves a positive impression.

🟠 6. Keep your data handy.

Imagine having all your client's important data right at your fingertips. No more digging through endless email threads or getting lost in Google Docs. Sounds helpful, right?

If you can store all your company information in one place, so you'll never have to search for a VAT number again. And guess what? Your clients can access this info too, making their lives easier. It's a win-win situation! By saving time and being more organized, you can focus on more productive things while keeping your clients happy and loyal.

🟠 7. Personalised customer service

Personalization – it's like adding magic sauce to your business! Did you know that your conversion rate can skyrocket by a whopping 8% when you give your customers a personalized experience? Yep, it's true! People love feeling special, and when you tailor things just for them, they can't help but fall head over heels for your brand.

In today's cutthroat market, standing out is no easy feat. But fear not, because personalization is your secret weapon! It's what sets you apart from the crowd and makes you shine like a dazzling star. When your customers see how much you care about their unique needs and preferences, they'll become your biggest fans.

I’ve got another fun fact for you: a mind-blowing 80% of consumers actually prefer a brand that offers them a personalized experience. It's like having a personal concierge catering to their every desire – who wouldn't want that? So, go ahead and sprinkle some personalization magic on your business. Your customers will adore you for it!

🟠 🟠 🟠

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further questions or want to discuss any of these matters in more detail.

Email or give us a call at (03) 8548 1843.

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