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Encouraging sustainable gifting season and continuing support help Victorian businesses bounce back

The Melbourne's Christmas to come early with people 'wanting to bring eco-friendly to gifting season'

This year has been a lot. We don’t need to get into all of it right now but the holiday season is (thankfully) fast approaching.

In the previous gifting seasons, Australians had used more than 150,000 kilometres of wrapping paper during Christmas – enough to wrap around the Earth’s equator almost four times, research from international aid agency CARE Australia has found in 2017.

For this Christmas to come, we recommend some ideas which provide Australians with a way to cut down on Christmas waste and find meaningful presents which help children and families in poor communities around the world as well as take action on global sustainability to ensure the future prosperity of your business. Whether you’re providing in-store gift wrapping, selling wrapping paper, or fulfilling online orders, you can take steps to reduce, reuse and recycle this Christmas to minimise the environmental impact.

Brown paper packaging

Brown Paper Packaging is Victorian-owned and specializes in wholesale supply of carrying bags, gift wrapping, gift boxes, and packaging products to Australian businesses, they stock a huge variety of environmentally friendly products.

This includes craft paper, goodie satchels, gift boxes, raffia, tags, ribbon, as well as packaging options for online orders like bubble wrap, hinged lid boxes, raffia, mailing bags, and envelopes. Their earthBoard © products are recycled, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and Australian-made, so you can wrap in peace and keep your business’s eco-footprint at a minimum.

Wrapping alternatives

Wrapping alternatives present an opportunity to upsell as well as advertise your business. Reusable gift packaging such as silicone bags, jars, baskets, and storage boxes can also offer a good opportunity to upsell a purchase and guide your customers to eco-friendly alternatives.

Cloth tote bags are an added bonus that serves as an attractive gift package, extra present for the recipient, and merch for your business.

Stop wish-cycling and really get your act together

Recycling is important, but sadly, small errors in practice dilute our good intentions. Despite this positive attitude, other results from the research suggest that misconceptions and lack of knowledge around recycling may be compromising our efforts.

Just to make the matter better, you can keep in mind some useful suggestions below.

  • Know Your Local Recycling Rules: Check out your local council’s website. Chances are, they’ll have an entire section devoted to their waste management program. There, you’ll find out exactly what your community accepts

  • Keep It Clean: Small amounts of food don’t interfere with the glass and steel recycling process – just scrape all the solid food scraps out of jars and cans and give your bottles and containers a rinse (soap is unnecessary) to remove excess debris.

  • Compostable Does NOT Mean Recyclable: Compostable plastics are not the same as regular plastics (and that means they can't go in with your soft plastics either)

Based on the aforementioned recommendations, we look forward to knowing how you can prepare sustainable gift packaging for your business this festive season.

Source: Business Victoria & Clean Up

Regional Events Fund

The $20 million Regional Events Fund supports events held in regional Victoria, showcasing our regional tourism strengths and building Victoria's reputation as an events destination. Support is available across three streams.

Stream 1 - Regional Event Acquisition

Funding up to $1 million to support the attraction of one-off or ongoing major events.

Stream 2 - Event Growth and Development

Funding up to $500,000 to grow the economic impact of medium to large-scale events.

Stream 3 - Event Industry Support

Funding up to $50,000 to build capability and support the marketing and operations of events that attract intrastate or interstate visitors.

The Fund welcomes applications from private companies, councils, Regional Tourism Boards, and not-for-profit organizations for events that meet the eligibility criteria and program objectives detailed in the Regional Events Fund Guidelines.

Source: Business Victoria

The latest regional tourism project grants up for grabs

Closes on 7 Jan 2022

Supporting innovative tourism infrastructure projects that will increase visitation, drive private investment, and deliver more jobs.

The Regional Tourism Investment Fund - Competitive Round will support new and innovative tourism infrastructure projects that will increase visitation, drive private investment, and deliver more jobs. This investment will help revitalize and grow Victoria’s visitor economy and is a key part of the Visitor Economy Recovery and Reform Plan.

The fund will deliver grants up to $10 million per project, with a minimum funding amount of $150,000 per project, focusing on four growth sectors identified in the Visitor Economy Recovery and Reform Plan – nature, epicurean, arts and culture, and First Peoples’ led experiences.

Eligible businesses must be:

  • private sector proponents

  • local and State Government entities

  • incorporated associations

  • not-for-profit organisations, or Traditional Owner Corporations or Aboriginal-owned businesses.

Please read all the information on this page, the program guidelines, the Regional Tourism Investment Fund — Competitive Round frequently asked questions (FAQs), and how to apply before applying.

Source: Business Victoria

Investment plan for Victoria's innovation and Startup sector

The Victorian Government has announced an investment plan to increase the state's innovation sector and support jobs for future generations.

The Innovation Statement is an ambitious plan that builds on existing commitments to increase funding across several of the state's innovation and startup sectors. The government has made the following commitments.

Breakthrough Victoria Fund

The landmark $2 billion Breakthrough Victoria Fund will bridge the gap between discovery and commercialisation, and mobilise innovation in areas.

LaunchVic Startup Funds

The state's startup agency, LaunchVic, has programs available for Victorian startups to make them more innovative, competitive and attract national and international investors:

Connecting businesses for a digital future

The $550 million Connecting Victoria program helps businesses take advantage of digital opportunities with reliable, better value broadband across the state.

The $64 million Digital Jobs program is a priority initiative to address the digital skills shortage by training mid-career Victorians for in-demand digital roles.

Australian Institute of Infectious Disease

Health and medical research is another focus with investments totaling $590 million committed in the past year alone.

This includes:

  • up to $400 million for a new Australian Institute of Infectious Disease to lead the fight against future pandemics

  • an additional $50 million to spearhead local manufacturing of mRNA vaccines

Creating Global Connections

To promote Melbourne as a global 'innovation leader', Invest Victoria and Global Victoria will work to motivate world-leading innovators to establish operations in Victoria and attract foreign investors.

More information about the innovation plan

Visit Innovation Victoria for more information or read the full media release on the Premier's website.

Source: Business Victoria

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