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Get to know the face behind the Lynden Group

Hi, I am Hagar!

"Hi, I'm Hagar, the proud founder of Lynden Group, an accounting firm that operates across Australia, Israel, and Vietnam. As an entrepreneur, I am deeply committed to providing innovative and professional services that help small to medium-sized businesses achieve long-term success.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, I have a keen understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in today's competitive landscape. That's why I have built Lynden Group on a foundation of integrity and professionalism, with a focus on delivering exceptional accounting, financial, and risk services that meet the diverse needs of clients.

My vision for Lynden Group is to be recognized regionally as the go-to firm for businesses seeking resilience and strategic planning in their finances. I am driven by a strong commitment to excellence and believe that with the right guidance and support, any business can achieve success.

But beyond my professional achievements, I am also passionate about creating a healthy and engaging workplace environment for my staff members.

I believe in fostering a culture of growth and success, where every team member is motivated to perform at their best and feels valued for their contributions.

Overall, I am proud of what we have achieved at Lynden Group, and I am excited to continue working with clients and staff members alike to drive innovation and success in the accounting industry. "


What is my vision?

"As an entrepreneur, I am passionate about helping businesses of all sizes to be resilient and prepared for any financial challenges that may come their way."

My ultimate vision is for every business to have a solid plan in place for achieving long-term success, no matter what obstacles they may face.

I believe that with the right guidance and support, any business can become strong and resilient in the face of financial adversity.

That's why I am committed to providing innovative and professional accounting, financial, and risk services to my clients, helping them to navigate the complex financial landscape and achieve their goals."

So whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, I am here to help you build a solid foundation for success.

With my experience and guidance, you can be confident that your business will be well-prepared to weather any financial storm and emerge even stronger on the other side.

"Let's work together to make your vision for the success of your business a reality!"

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Are you interested in knowing your options? Speak to us!

Email or give us a call at (03) 8548 1843.

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