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In preparation for tax time, Protect Yourself Against Scammers

Protect Yourself Against Tax Scammers

In preparation for tax time, it's crucial to keep you informed about potential scams. By staying informed and being cautious, we can work together to safeguard your interests and ensure a smooth and secure tax filing process.


🟠 Social Media Impersonation:

  • Scammers often impersonate the ATO on social media platforms.

  • Remind your clients to interact only with the ATO's verified Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

  • Caution against sharing personal information with unauthorized sources.

🟠 Fake Online Portals:

  • Warn your clients about fraudulent links that may resemble legitimate ATO platforms.

  • Stress that the ATO will never send links to log in to their online services.

  • Encourage clients to access ATO services directly through official websites:,, or the ATO app.

🟠 Phone Call Impersonation:

  • Scammers may make phone calls pretending to be from the ATO.

  • Advise your clients not to engage with suspicious contacts, whether on the phone or online.

  • Instruct them to verify any interactions by calling the ATO directly at 1800 008 540.

🟠 Heightened Scam Activity

  • The ATO has already received 19,843 scam reports before the official tax season commenced.

  • Minister for Financial Services Stephen Jones warns of increased fraudulent activity during tax time.

  • Stay vigilant and inform your clients about common tricks employed by tax scammers.

🟠 🟠 🟠

By sharing this important information, we can work together to protect your clients from falling victim to scams and ensure a secure tax season.

Stay informed! If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to us for assistance. Stay safe!

Email or give us a call at (03) 8548 1843.

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