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Looking for gift ideas this Holiday?

Here are 7 Gift Examples for a Sure fire Sustainable, Less Wasteful Holiday Season!

T With the Holidays coming up, a lot of us have a list of gift giving ideas ahead of us, that comes with a price — environmental and monetary.

We really enjoy giving gifts to people. It's fun to show love to family and friends, but during the holidays, we have to give gifts to a lot of people. And because of that, a lot of us end up giving gifts that no one really wants or that aren't as good as gifts that come from the heart.


According to research conducted in 2019, Australians spent an estimated $400 million on 10 million gifts that went unused during Christmas. Many of these gifts were then thrown away and likely ended up in a landfill. The wastage of unwanted gifts is not only financial but environmental.

As a sustainable finance expert, it drives us to a wall to have an entire season dedicated to creating even more waste.

Let's all agree to stop giving people literal garbage from now on. Especially when everything is getting more expensive!


Are you sick of giving people things they don't want this Holiday Season?

Here are 7 Gift examples on sure fire Sustainable, Less Wasteful, Holiday Season!

👉🏻 1. Journals

Your Help your love ones, or those who are dear to you journal to write down their goals, so they can keep better track of their intentions this upcoming 2023.

Help them stay accountable as to what they need to do to accomplish them by allowing them have their own tracker for progress and growth.

👉🏻 2. Measurable Water tumbler/ bottle

Since water makes up 60% of the body, it is important to drink enough to keep the body's fluid balance, which helps move nutrients around, control body temperature, break down food, and more.

And to stay hydrated and healthy, everyone has to consume a particular amount of water each day.

What better way to remind you to drink enough water? An on-the-go water bottle that is with you at all times is the easiest method to keep track on your water intake.

👉🏻 3. Plant-based candles

The smell of the scented candle makes the part of your brain that controls memory and mood work harder. The healing properties of a lit scented candle can have psychological effects, like making you feel more energetic, less stressed, or more clear-headed.

It's no secret that over the past few years, we've spent more time indoors because of things we couldn't control. This has led to a huge rise in the awareness and importance of self-care rituals in our lives. One of these is making your space as comfortable as possible, which I think is pretty important. Your home should be a safe place where you can feel calm and at peace.

Plant-based candles, produce less soot and have a smaller environmental impact. Light your menorah with plant-based candles, and skip the plastic dreidels, for a more earth-friendl

👉🏻 4. Books

Books make great gifts because they can be thoughtful, and sometimes also thought-provoking.

Like a card, they can show how you feel or make you laugh, but they are so much more than that. They can help people say things that might be hard for them to say in other ways.

Another inexpensive option is a book. Think about the person you're buying the book for and the topics that most interest them. Furthermore, the text need not be of book length. Other than the usual suspects of textbooks and novels, you can't go wrong with a recipe, history book, photo book, or travel book.

The right book can be an answer to the motive behind what drives a gift buyer’s choices: to express love; to show sentiment & affection; to convey sympathy; to say sorry; as a little token of appreciation; a special keepsake; to honour a special occasion such as wedding, baby, milestone birthday; to raise a smile; and, sometimes, just to make someone laugh-out-loud.

Books make excellent presents since their recipients are likely to keep them for a long time and enjoy reading them again and again.

👉🏻 5. Coffee

The love of coffee is strong in Australia, more than a quarter of Australians (27%) say they cannot function during the day without coffee, and nearly all of the population (88%, to be exact) enjoys it to some degree.

Australia has one of the most advanced coffee cultures in the world, and we can learn a lot from them. Australians care about how good the coffee is and how it tastes. They could also tell café owners that they should be as unique and individual as Australians are. And most importantly, enjoy coffee and everything else that comes with it. It's not just something to get you through the day; it's their way of life.

With the strong culture of coffee drinkers what best to offer Australians definitely coffee.

👉🏻 6. Essential Oils

The holidays are often stressful in and of themselves, but add a global pandemic and various restrictions to the's a testing time.

According to various studies, essential oils have been found to be effective in reducing conditions like anxiety, restlessness, nervousness and disturbed sleep.

We are heading into “the most wonderful time of the year” and nothing quite brings out the holiday feels as much as the scents of the season. Essential oils are a lot of people’s favorite way to add natural fragrance to their homes.

So, why not gift your loved ones some calming essential oils?

👉🏻 6. Downloadable Planner

What is the BEST way to ensure everyone who matters to you their success for the upcoming 2023?

Give them a Downloadable Budget Planning/ Finance Tips/ Money Management.

The Lynden Group is preparing to gift everyone our very own budget planning..



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