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Meet our Israeli branch team members

Dear All,

In July 2020 our operations and offices in Tel Aviv (Israel) marked a new milestone. Two new team members joined as we saw increase need from customers based in Israel, and local Australia based customers with growing financial interests in Israel.

Adva Shidrosky, Adv. - certified lawyer, experienced in finance, property investments, and taxation.
Yuval Lipa, Adv. - certified lawyer, experienced in financial and legal representation, debt collection, contracts, dispute resolution and taxation

Both Adva Shisorsky and Yuval Lipa started as full-time employees of Lynden Group in our Tel Aviv offices and are focusing on:

- Serving our Israel based customers with financial interests in Australia

- Serving our Australia based customers with financial interests in Israel

Some of the consulting work they are doing now for our customers:

- Set up business/ company/franchise in Israel, as well as tax considerations in the country where tax is paid.

- Advice and handling of legal claims on a variety of civil-commercial issues in Israel.

Advice and representation in real estate transactions in Israel, including all aspects of taxation.

- Handling the collection and / or debts of businesses and individuals in Israel, including business private investigation services.

- Examination of balance sheets and reports before making transactions or entering into agreements with individuals, entities, or companies in Israel or abroad.

Fluent in English, Hebrew, and even Spanish, they are will always ask

"How can we help?"

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