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New Energy Jobs Fund Grants and Victoria - Israel Trade Missions

New Energy Jobs Fund

The $20 million New Energy Jobs Fund is designed to support Victorian-based projects that embrace a variety of innovative technologies, feasibility studies and business cases to expand and extend renewable developments to create long-term market confidence.

Victoria's Future Industries

The Victorian Government has identified six priority sectors that have potential for extraordinary economic growth and the capacity to create high-skill, high wage jobs. These include:

  • medical technologies and pharmaceuticals

  • new energy technologies

  • food and fibre

  • transport technologies, defence technologies, construction technologies

  • international education

  • professional services

A number of grant programs support job-creating projects, helping to secure Victoria's future as a competitive, innovative and outward looking economy:

  • New Energy Jobs Fund

  • Future Industries Manufacturing Program

  • Sector Growth Program

  • Victorian Defence Industry Supply Chain Program

New Energy Job Fund

The $20 million New Energy Jobs Fund is designed to support Victorian-based projects that create long-term sustainable jobs, increase the uptake of renewable energy generation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive innovation in new energy technologies.

The projects funded embraced a variety of

  • innovative technologies

  • feasibility studies

  • business cases

The fund is a key component of the $200 million Future Industries Fund to support high growth, high-value industries, such as the new energy technologies sector that are critical to securing Victoria's future.

For more about the New Energy Jobs Fund, visit Business Victoria, or email


Victoria - Israel Trade Missions (VISTRADE)

The Victoria - Israel Trade Missions participates in outbound and inbound missions to and from Israel.

The VISTRADE program is part of the Victoria-Israel Science Innovation and Technology Scheme (VISITS). The program is an initiative providing Victorian and Israeli organizations with the opportunity to work collaboratively on projects of mutual benefit.

The VISTRADE program facilitates links between companies and research organizations by encouraging organizations to take part in both inbound and outbound trade missions. Victorian Government outbound trade missions are organized in conjunction with the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce.

For further information on the VISTRADE program, email the Program Manager

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