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Victorians ready to exit the longest lockdown and Learn more about Victoria's growing startup sector

As it happened: The end of Melbourne lockdown brings happiness after ‘the most challenge year ever’

The state government’s announcement easing of COVID-19 restrictions was like a ray of light for Victorians in the area. Thanks to the incredible efforts of millions of Victorians who turned out to get vaccinated at lightning speed, Victoria’s lockdown has lifted and the state can now move to relax quarantine rules further.

“Victorians have achieved something incredible, and I couldn’t be prouder. Thank you, Victoria.” - Quotes attributable to Premier Daniel Andrews

As Victoria powers towards its 80 percent double-dose vaccination rate, the Chief Health Officer has removed quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated international arrivals from 1 November. Fully vaccinated international travelers will be able to enter Victoria without spending 14 days in hotel quarantine as part of the Victorian Government’s Roadmap to Deliver the National Plan.

As these changes are made, there will be new settings for businesses across metropolitan and regional Victoria. Preparation work may include cleaning, organising, arranging, ordering, setting up, and implementing COVIDSafe measures ahead of attendance by customers.

Some Quick Guidelines for your Safety Reopening

"If we are together, nothing is impossible"

All businesses are urged to review their worker vaccination requirements. The option of eased capacity limits only applies if everyone present is fully vaccinated (or has a valid medical exemption).

This means if your staff are not fully vaccinated, you may not be able to open or to apply the eased capacity limits offered in the Roadmap. Encourage your workers to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Businesses must ensure customers have checked in correctly using the QR code service and verify their customers’ vaccination status. To do this, if the customer has correctly uploaded their COVID-19 Digital Certificate to their Service Victoria app, you will be able to see their vaccination status together with their check-in details. A confirmed check-in via the QR code will continue to display a green tick.

Every business in Victoria with on-site operations is required to have a COVIDSafe Plan. It is a documented list of safety actions. Businesses that don’t have a COVIDSafe Plan risk a fine. There are resources and templates available to help you develop and update your COVIDSafe Plan, so it meets the latest requirements and health advice.

It’s important that your business is COVIDSafe and follows the COVIDSafe principles. You and your workers must wear a face mask indoors and outdoors – unless you have a lawful exception. This includes people who are fully vaccinated. The Coronavirus website has information specific to each sector and industry to help you adhere to COVIDSafe practices.


Fuelling the Start-Up State with Start-Up Ecosystem

During post-Covid time, the community is to lead the development of a globally-connected startup ecosystem by supporting startups and investors to sustainably grow and deliver economic and cultural benefits for both Victoria and Australia.

The Local Government runs programs that will improve access and participation in the startup ecosystem across Victoria. Programs and funds through a range of mechanisms that support Victorian startups in the form of education, incubators, accelerators, mentoring, professional development, events, and other programs. Explore resources to drive the long-term success of Victoria’s startup sector.

Pre Accelerator and Accelerator programs are great for idea and early-stage startup founders who need help developing their product, honing their business model, and connecting with investors, and further opportunities to grow your startup at whichever stage you are at. You can explore the funded pre-accelerator programs and accelerator programs for more information.

Whether you're a local, new in town, or just passing through, you'll be sure to find something that piques your interest and gets you networking opportunities within the startup community. Find more regular virtual events, including invite-only roundtables, workshops, and open webinars featuring keynote speakers (both local and international).

The programs vary in length, from short courses to intensive 3-day workshops, week-long courses, mentoring, and online learning for startups statewide. Courses cover the specific themes and concepts that are crucial to startup success. Courses spanning fields include Talent programs, Founder & Startup Education, Investor Education, and others. In addition, visit the Startup Victoria website for further program details and details on how to get involved.


Getting Started Guides To Create A Success Startup with Lynden Group Melbourne

In partnership with Lynden Group, we will bring you quality services and long-term solutions for creating an inclusive business. From our highest levels of integrity and professionalism to exceptional accounting and financial services, these getting started guides offer best practices for making your business more sustainable and successful.

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